Are you tired of stubborn and recurring dark spots on your skin, especially the face?

Well, to be honest, it is somewhat a mood spoiler when we are not happy with our skin, especially after applying numerous home remedies, moisturizers, or anti-blemish creams. Nobody is completely at fault here apart from our judgment. Different skin types blend with specific products that reflect the effectiveness of the skin. So, let us know about anti-blemish cream in detail and solve all your queries!


As the name suggests, anti-blemish creams help in reducing pigmentation and getting rid of blemishes on the skin. The anti-blemish pigmentation cream helps in restricting the pigment-producing cells to settle down as deposits on the skin to form dark spots or patches. 

The anti-blemish cream is antimicrobial and has antioxidants that help in the prevention or delay of cell damage. Nowadays, brands produce creams with natural and herbal ingredients to win the trust of consumers and make the cream much more effective.


Out of many brands present in the market, it becomes very difficult to find the best anti-blemish cream. The keynote here is, whichever cream suits the skin and reflects results, is the best cream.

It is because an anti-blemish cream for oily skin is designed to dry the skin out of oils and is non-greasy too. However, if a person with dry skin applies this cream, then she/he will experience much more dry skin soaking all the little oils that the face is producing which may further lead to itchiness in the skin.

Let us have a look at popularly used anti-blemish cream in India.  So, according to the top reviews we have:

  • Khadi Natural Herbal Cream
    The use of natural products like neem oil, vitamin E, almond oil, tea tree oil along with honey makes it an excellent remedy to get even-toned skin. It is an ideal choice for oily skin and helps in getting even-toned skin. The cream can be used at any time, all day, and helps in hydrating and moisturizing the cream. It is effective in healing blemishes and acne occurring on the skin.
  • Bella Vita Organic Papaya Face Gel
    The unique blend of Aloe Vera gel and saffron with papaya helps in exfoliating the skin and uprooting the dead cells from the dermis. It is an excellent remedy to repair damaged skin and achieve blemish-free and lightened skin.
  • SebaMed Clear Face Gel
    The natural remedy helps in getting rid of dark spots within a few days of application. The anti-blemish cream does not have any preservatives or chemicals and is often recommended by medical practitioners. It helps dry up the acne fast and lightens the skin tone by removing the dead cells and dark spots causing cells from the skin.
  • Organic Riot Dazzle Vegan Anti-Blemish Cream
    It is a clinically tested and certified anti-blemish cream made with 100% organic ingredients. The cream helps in treating pigmented skin and brings a glow to the skin. This lightweight cream gets absorbed fast and allows the application of make-up all day, providing extra protection to the skin.


Are blemish and acne the same?

Acne refers to the occurrence of dark patches or bumps (or pimples) on the skin. So, the only difference between acne and blemish is the occurrence of pimples. Blemish means dark spots or patches. However, acne means blemishes and pimples.

Do blemishes go away naturally?

Sadly, the answer is no. Blemishes are a result of accumulated deposits of melanin in different parts of the skin. If it is left untreated, it will either stay the same or start to become darker and more palpable with each passing day.

Does anti-blemish cream work?

Most of the people in India do not even know ‘what is anti-blemish cream?’ They keep on applying home remedies but do not either know or trust the product. Yes, anti-blemish cream does work and helps in getting rid of blemishes provided that the cream is made for your skin type.

For how long do blemishes last?

Well, there is no specific period for the entrance or exit of the blemishes. It is a natural process and tends to occur anytime and anywhere on the skin. At times, with regular application of anti-blemish cream or remedies, the blemishes go away within months of use. However, some treatments may take a longer duration. So, the duration of the blemishes is completely subjective.


When we have body ache due to fever, what medicine do we consume? Do we consume medicine for fever or body ache?

Well, according to most people, we consume a fever medicine. We do so because we know that the medicine will help in lowering the temperature and reduce the body ache too.

This is how an anti-blemish cream works. When we are facing pigmentation and blemishes leading to dull or uneven skin tone, why waste time and money on fairness cream. The straightaway solution is anti-blemish cream which treats the root cause of the problem and delivers substantial results.

So, it is always best to try an anti-blemish cream and then decide whether it is working for us or not.

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