Burberry is an evergreen and deciduous shrub also known as barberry and mountain grape. The barberry’s aquifolium also has great skin benefits. The homoeopathic medicine berberis aquifolium is usually used for the skin treatments such as acne, dark circles, pimples, the complexion of the face etc. It works great because of its properties. Other than that, doctors also approved the medicine in times of treatment in stomach problems or infection on eyes, nausea accompanied with digestive disorders. It is surely an amazing magical medicine. It cures the problem within a month. A homoeopathic doctor will surely prescribe you this medicine. Give a read to this article to know what Burberry aquifolium benefits you with its magical side of treatment.


This medicine is a homoeopathic medicine that helps in getting relief for acne skin, pimples, brown spots, dark circles etc. The medicine is almost prescribed by many homoeopathic doctors for cases related to skin. Berberis aquifolium not only helps you with skin disorders but also pay attention to skin pigmentations. And act as a brightening cream for the skin. It also helps to cure skin infections like eczema and psoriasis. It is also available in markets, online as well as drug stores or as well as in a homoeopathic medicine clinic as – berberis aquifolium gel, ointment cream, as well as a liquid formulation. Its main purpose is to cure acne, blemish, skin brightening agent, clean pores, whiteheads and blackheads and act as an antiseptic agent. Aquifolium is a safe and secure skin treatment for your problems, suggested by the doctors.

About the Manufacturers-  

The medicine is manufactured by many other companies such as 

  • Dr Willmar Schwabe India 
  • SBL 
  • B Jain

Dr Willimar Schwabe -Is An German COMPANY. WHICH IS NOW KNOWN AS DR WILLMAR SCHWABE GmbH & is one of the oldest homoeopathic pharmaceuticals manufactures. The company has completed 150 has now become a global exporter. The Schwabe Group is now active for 5 continents.

SBL – SBL is a homoeopathic medicine manufacturer in India. It is one of the leading Indian manufacturers with their world-class homoeopathic remedies with their generic, single remedy, biochemical and specialities. be formed in 1983 as Sharda Boiron laboratories. The company also manufactures medicine In the form of tablets, ointments, liquids, dilution, homoeopathic products as well as biochemicals.

BJAIN – BJAIN is a publishing house in New Delhi it was founded in 1996  it is a publishing house that writes journals in homoeopathic. Now, Bjains not only publishes journals and books but also manufactures pharmaceuticals, homoeopathy medicine and cosmetics, toys, GAMES, handicrafts etc.

What Are The Ingredients

The basic inactive ingredients mainly use in Barbery aquarium are

  • berberis aquifolium- Which also helps for skin infection and its anti-inflammatory substance helps in curing disease.
  • calendula –it has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that make it cure wounds, scars and eczema.
  • Hydrastis can-it is a plant in North American The root of the plant is used to cure eye illness, infection in the skin and treating inflammation.
  • acid boric- it is mainly used as homoeopathic medicine helps in increasing the ph level of the skin. It is a water-soluble acid, it is mainly found in crystals or powder and possesses astringent powder. It works as outstanding and mindblowing as skincare which is mostly found in the form of cream and lotions.
  • Borax –It is for exfoliation of skin as it helps in removing dead cells, borax is used in many other forms as a skin brightening agent like cream, gels cleanser and lotion. An adequate quantity of borax may cause skin itchiness swelling etc. sensitive skin people can avoid it. Use It Wisely.
  • Calc sulphate – Calc sulfate is a dilution or liquid that is effective in the form of skin diseases such as eczema etc.
  • Ant crude-antimonium crudum is a dilution or liquid that is used for skin treatment.
  • Turmeric-turmeric is a very common anti-ageing and skin brightening property which anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help as an agent. Turmeric has always been used for skin brightening since Vedas. The turmeric face mask is always a preferable ingredient in any beauty product.
  • Sandalwood- has anti-inflammatory and mild exfoliation properties. The anti-inflammatory property helps in treating skin infection, eczema and psoriasis. and anti exfoliation properties helps in skin tanning and whitening or bleaching agent for skin. It may sometimes lead to breakouts and pimples causing acne.


The chart below will help you out to find the composition of mixtures of berberis aquifolium 

  1. Berberis aq -0.1 ml 
  2. Calendula-0.1ml
  3. Zinc oxide -185MG
  5. Acid boric -1×10mg
  6. Borax-1×5mg
  7. Calc sulphate -1×2mg
  8. Ant crude -1×2 mg 



The numerous issues are solved by only one homoeopathic medicine, some aquifolium benefits for skin are –

  • Helps in lighting your dark circles and improves complexion -it helps in improving the complexion of the skin for its various properties including dilation agents. This increases the skin pH level.
  • Treat skin disease and skin problem-its anti-inflammatory properties of the plant helps in treating the skin issues, rashes, infection etc.
  • It Relief from headache and migraine
  • Also used for acidity and nausea.
  • Give relaxation to your itchy, burning and redness in the eyes.
  • Improve the digestion process of the body.
  • Help in mental well being- the tonic helps in improvement in stress and exertions caused by our day to day lifestyle. 
  • It acts as a relief in anal pain and also minor pains on the vagina.
  • The beriberi aquifolium gel benefits for skin as it Treat pimples and pimples causing acne
  • Reduce stiffness and lessen pain in the leg.


There are some beberbery aquifolium gel side effects found also the sides effect of dilution –

  • Barbery should be used cautiously with other medicine.
  • Some major side effects are also found like rashes etc
  • Might be issued such as nausea and hunger
  • Can feel dizziness in the  body 
  • Fainting are also a basic side effects 
  • Effect on heart and blood vessel ( low blood pressure, decreased pulse rate)
  • Breathing problems and swelling of tongue, eyes, face, throat.
  • Other than that, the beriberi aquarium may benefit if it is used for treating diabetes and cholera disorders. Very limited clinical trials are found for this research. Other than that there is no clinical research found on issues related to the heart, blood vessels, cancer treatment and nervous system treatment.
  • Feeling Lack of energy, sweating and confusion may be seen as a side effect 
  • Confusion and shock to a person might be some mental trauma  
  • It may also cause vomiting and sometimes diarrhoea 
  • Kidney inflammation cases have also been found.
  • Breastfeeding is strictly prohibited when using this medicine.
  • Not advisable and safe for babies-as this product contains a chemical that may cause damage to immature and newborn babies.
  • It may cause bleeding and blood clotting at a certain place
  • If you are going for an operation, even if it is minor stop taking berberis aquifolium before 2 months


Some general berberine aquifolium dosage

For beriberi, aquifolium ointment cream follow the  instructions below

  • Wash your face with water 
  • Apply on the circular way till it gets into your skin
  • Apply on the area twice 

For the dilution or liquid form, intake it properly as there are side effects for overdosing-

  • Use ten drops 
  • In a half cup of water
  • Have it three times a day 
  • Generally consult a doctor before using the product, as an overdose may lead to certain side effects.

Some general protection while soaking up the does-:

  • Keep it away from children 
  • Do not exceed heavy does
  • Store it in a cool place 
  • Read the manufacturing dates and ingredients composition properly  


These are some top brands of homoeopathic manufacturers who manufacture aquifolium berries

  • Mother tincture Berberis aquifolium 30ml 130
  • Dr Willmar Schwabe Berberis aquifolium 195 
  • Sbl berberis aquifolium mother tincture q 30ml 215 
  • Bjain berberis aquifolium mother tincture q -100ml 455 
  • Dr renewed berberis vul mother tincture q -235 20ml
  • Adel beriberi aquafolium 20 ml 280
  • beriberi aquifolium ointment 130 rs
  • beriberi aquifolium face wash by SBL–the combo is for 250 in Flipkart gel and face wash
  •   how is the cream effective against the skin problems 

Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties help in reducing acne problems, eczema and other skin infections and allergies help in skin brightening agents. The properties also help as homoeopathic medicines .and advisable by doctors.


Here some reviews from various other customers who used it, hope it will help you to solve your queries –

Homeopathic has no side effects and these creams are very effective for acne-prone skin 
Neha Hidayaat 

Hapdco Berberis Aquifolium Gel 
I purchased it because of the sbl brand berberis aquifolium but they gave me another brand. This is wrong with me, and it didn’t suit me as well.

Hapdco Berberis Aquifolium.
It is very beneficial for pimples, acne marks, dry skin and other kinds of skin problems, the results are a little slow but in long run, it will enhance your skin complexion and even tone, try as it has no side effect and cheap 
Quora Bunny Singh

 Aquifolium Berberis Gel
100% it works 
Heena Rukhsar 

Product quality is smaller than working in a better skin glow. 
Jitendra Prapti 

Too good to work on it, I kind of loved this product. Extremely fascinated to use it again and again.
Flipkart Rakesh roy 

SBL Berberis aquifolium liquid 
Berberis aquifolium is excellent for the skin. It clears the skin and also takes care of marks left by acne .but to stop the formation of acne an appropriate medicine has to be taken 

Sarita Hailey 
My daughter had dark circles and acne and a few applicatiberberinein e aquaria, gel her skin has become clear. nice product.

Berberis aquifolium gel by sbl
Net meds


What If I miss aquifolium blueberries?

If you forget the dose, leave it for a day and start consuming it the next day. overconsuming may result in overdose and side effects. if you deliberately forget the does, set a reminder.

Does Burberry aquifolium be good for acne scars?

Yes it is its anti-inflammation property that helps in reducing acne scars which may result in pimples.

Where to store aquifolium bilberries?

Store it in a cool dry place, avoid it from direct contact with sunlight. Always make sure to check expiry dates before applying, it should not be applied after the expiration date. keep it reach out to children and pets in your house

Is there any side effects?

Berberis aquifolium may or may not result in any side effects if it is consumed properly and in an appropriate amount. Is there any beriberi aquarium face wash? Yes, beriberi aquifolium is a herb mainly used for any beauty can be any form of face wash, cream-gel and liquid. Depends on how and what is more preferable to you. Can we apply the Berberian aquarium on the face? It is one of the most top-ranked homoeopathic medicines used for skin treatment, the pH level of the skin, skin acne scar

How does it take to work?

Almost a week or might be expanded as per the problem and its reaction.

Can we drink aqua folium?

No we cannot drink raw might burn your throat and problems may occur. Take a cup of water .put ten drops in it and then have it

What all are the products available in Beriberi aquifolium

they are available As beriberi aquifolium gel for skin As beriberi aquifolium ointment cream As beriberi aquifolium liquid form.


Homoeopathy is a system that works on different cases caused by Homoeopathic disease. Homoeopathic people believe that the body can cure itself. Those who pa practice in this used a very little amount of plants and minerals to work on the medicine which heals to improving the process warted in 1700 works in a very different way, just like if that brings a reaction in a healthy person can in a small does similarly treat an illness with same symptoms and procedure.   Treatment for other alignment is made of poison ivy, white arsenic and a popular herb used in homoeopathic medicine arnica. Homoeopathic doctors weaken the particles by adding water or alcohol to them. They call it ltd potentization. Homoeopathy also believes that when the dose is low the reaction is heavy. They come in various forms like gel, creme, liquid, globules and tablets. There were also some dangerous statements published against homoeopathic medicine by the FDA issuing a warning letter to the tablets and gel because it was affecting the children and risk was increasing for infants and children.


Burberry aquifolium may sound a bit dangerous, but will not be so if you are taking good care of all the precautions before having it, it does have a good side as well, which works magically for people who use it. the scars, pigmentations, pimples, acne marks, dry skin and other kinds of skin problems, the results are a little slow but in long run, it will enhance your skin complexion and even tone, try this cream, gel or in form of liquid or face wash this will make you look even younger, and enhance your skin tone. The barberry’s aquifolium also has great skin benefits. The homoeopathic medicine berberis aquifolium is usually used for the skin treatments such as acne, dark circles, pimples, the complexion of the face etc. It works great because of its properties. Other than that, doctors also approved the medicine in times of treatment in stomach problems or infection on eyes, nausea accompanied with digestive disorders. It is surely an amazing magical medicine.

Homoeopathic medicine not only gives a good result but also helps you in various other issues related to it like eye problems, digestive tract etHomoeopathythy has one benefit as it worly good and has all the natural ingredientHomoeopathythy is really a good medical organization ,which  cures your problem oftenly .The price is also quite reasonable to give it a try,gel ointments as well as the liquid avail in the markets really showed good results to some people who actually followed it . Apart from it ,it also has certain dosage limitations and must be taken under many precautions. The medicine should be taken for some time with a proper dose, it also said that while having homoeopathy medicine is strictly restricted to have food that has a lot of salt and some might result in not working the medicine properly. The article is all about how to get a cure for skin infections without going to proper dermatologists scheduled meetings. It will surely overcome your issue and educate you more about homoeopathy and its greatness towards our society and will surely help to solve all your questions. You should surely try this out.

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