Biluma Cream is from the house of Galderma India Pvt. Ltd specially curated to fight hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It claims to treat skin discoloration by reducing the melanin production in the skin. Hyperpigmentation is a very normal problem in India and has many solutions available. Biluma cream is one such solution. It follows the allopathy medical system and hence shows the results faster. Biluma cream is not marketed in the mainstream market and hence has a low number of users. But physicians know about the use of the cream and can advise it for hyperpigmentation. To start the use of this cream, it is necessary to collect all the information about the product to understand if it can be used for your skin or not. 


Biluma Cream use allopathy ingredients and works faster than other medical systems. This cream is curated with ingredients that are well known for lightning and whitening agents in the cosmetic world. The main ingredient of this skin lightening cream is Kojic Acid Dipalmitate that is known to control melanin production and reduce the amount of already present melanin. Other than that it includes the following ingredients- 

  • Arbutin- A glycoside that is extracted from the bearberry plant. It is used to reduce melanin formation.
  • Mulberry extracts- Mulberry extract has many cosmetic benefits including skin whitening and brightening.
  • Liquorice- It is an anti-inflammatory agent. It reduces the dark spots that occur due to skin inflammation.
  • Artocarpus extract- Also used for skin whitening, this plant is used to reduce melanin in the skin.
  • Tetrohydrocurcumin- It is used to reduce dark spots and signs of aging. It is mostly used to treat skin discoloration that occurs as a side effect of birth-control pills.
  • Tocopherol – It is a great antioxidant. It fights the free radicals that are absorbed in the skin from the environment. It is also used in the make-up industry in lips and eyes products to stop their oxidation on the skin. 

Biluma cream ingredients are known for skin lightening, whitening, and melanin reduction properties. Hence it is safe to say that this cream will surely work for skin lightening and reduce dark spots due to hyperpigmentation.


Biluma cream can be used as any other cream for the same purpose and using it is very easy.

To use biluma cream, wash your face with soap or regular water, and pat dry with a towel. Make sure to pat the skin and not rub it to prevent any harm to the skin. After that, take a pea-size amount of the cream on your fingertips and rub it slowly between your fingers to make it warm. After it gets a little warm, apply all over the face and spread properly. Massage the cream into circular motions keeping in mind the motions should be upwards to prevent skin sagging. You need to massage the cream until it gets completely absorbed in the skin. 

The screen can be applied twice or even thrice a day or anytime you wash the face with soap or water. But for the best results, the cream should be applied at night. The body repairs itself from any damage throughout the day during sleep and hence the skin is also repaired at that time. Applying the cream in the night makes sure that the skin absorbs the cream completely and the cream will work at its maximum efficiency. Another benefit of applying the cream at night is there is no sun exposure and no pollution around the skin and hands. The skin does not absorb any dirt from outside which can further increase the efficiency of the cream. 


As the screen is not a mainstream brand and is only used for treatment purposes, this cream is not available in every local drugstore but can be available in the major drug stores of a locality. Talking about online markets it is available on major e-commerce websites that sell cosmetic products. 

Biluma cream price is 437 INR for a tube of 15 grams. The 15 g tube can last for 20 to 25 days if applied twice a day in prescribed amounts. On online platforms, it is usually available at a discount and can be available under 350 INR.

Clearly, biluma cream is on the slightly expensive side and the fact that it is a cosmetic product, it will take time to show the visible results to clear the hyperpigmentation completely, and hence the overall treatment can be a pocket digger when many cheap substitutes are available in the market.


This cream can bear some side effects on some skin types. Especially people with sensitive skin can face such issues. The biluma cream side effects include skin redness, itchiness, inflammation, or irritation. In case of any of the symptoms, wash off the cream and consult the doctor about the condition.

Also, using this cream for a prolonged period can lead to premature skin aging, and hence it is very important to keep it in the advised course duration only.


This cream is a cosmetic product and hence keeping a few things in mind is very necessary before starting the use of this cream

  • Read the ingredients list carefully and if you have used any product having any of the ingredients and have faced any allergic problem then consult the doctor about the condition and ask for a substitution.
  • Even if you do not know the ingredient of the previously used product or the ingredients do not match but you have used the product for the same purpose, talk to the doctor about this and ask for a safer option. 
  • If you have any skin-related issues or an immune-related disorder then talk to the doctor about the condition. Hyperpigmentation can also be a cause of that and this cream single-handedly will not affect the problem.
  • Although it is an external use-only product and it is not at all for oral intakes, it is advisable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to talk about their and the baby’s condition to the doctor to keep the treatment on a safer side.
  • In case any problem occurs after applying the cream, stop the usage of cream immediately and consult the doctor about the condition.
  • Use the cream for the advised duration only. Over-applying the cream may lead to premature skin aging.



The cream includes those ingredients that are commonly used in the cosmetic industry and derma industry to treat hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a reason for excess melanin production.

The skin is divided into three layers and in the innermost layer, melanocytes cells are available. These cells are responsible for producing melanin in the skin. When the skin is exposed to the sun, the sun rays can damage the skin severely. These damages include sunburn, skin inflammation, or even skin cancer. Melanin works as a shield that is used to protect the skin from the sun. This melanin is also responsible for providing pigmentation(color) to the skin. Hence, when the skin is exposed to the sun, the skin gets tanned which is called skin pigmentation. When the skin is overly exposed to the sun for a longer period, the tanning can become severe and dark spots can get visible on the skin. These dark spots are called hyperpigmentation. 

When the Biluma cream is applied to the skin, the ingredients are absorbed into the skin. It reduces the amount of already produced melanin and makes the skin lighter. 

These ingredients also work on melanin production and reduce the production providing prevention from skin darkening. It also reduces the amount of already produced melanin and makes the skin lighter. 

The benefit of Biluma Cream over any other skin lightening cream is that it also acts on the dark spots that occurred due to inflammation. Most of the creams used for hyperpigmentation do not work on the dark spots due to inflammation but Liquorice present in this cream works as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces the dark spots caused by inflammation.


There are many other solutions available to treat hyperpigmentation and if the treatment is added to these tips, that can give an added advantage in treating the condition. Here are a few things to do to deal with hyperpigmentation-

  • Stop going out in the sun for a longer time.
  • Use sunscreen on the bare parts of the body even if you are inside the house.
  • Use aloe vera on pigmented parts overnight. Wash with warm water in the morning.
  • Do not use harsh products to treat hyperpigmentation.


Every product has both positive and negative reviews and the same goes with this cream. Biluma cream user reviews are also mixed. The majority of that contains the positive side of the cream. Here are the most commonly given reviews by customers-

Biluma cream has worked on my hyperpigmentation very effectively. It reduced my dark spots that were caused due to skin inflammation and made my skin tone even. After using biluma cream I have been feeling a brightness on my face and a healthy glow. I am very happy with the product and have already recommended it to many of my friends.”

“I started using this cream two months back. Initially, it did not work for a week or so and I started losing hope. But my doctor suggested continuing it for at least two more weeks to see the results and I did. I am happy that I followed his advice as I could see my skin getting better in 15-18 days. I would say, be consistent with the product and it will work for sure.”

“I have highly sensitive skin and started darkening my skin due to sun exposure. My skin was in a very bad condition when I used the cream. This cream surely worked on my dark stops and gave me a better appearance. I am not sure if it acts as a sunscreen or not so I make sure to apply a sunscreen with 30 or high SPF.”

“This product did not work for me at all. I used it for a month because my friend who suggested it to me said it can take time. But this cream was of no use. It is an expensive cream compared to other creams available in the market. I feel like wasting my money and time. Do not buy this product.”

Clearly, the Biluma cream reviews are mostly positive and that shows that this cream has worked for most of the users.


FAQs are frequently asked questions by the potential customers on the official website of the product or any other online e-commerce site. Reading FAQs clears the doubts of the customers and helps them to decide if the product is of their use or not.

The most common questions about biluma cream are following-

How does this cream work?

This cream is curated with organic ingredients that are found in nature and are known for their skin-lightening effect. These ingredients work on melanin production. Melanin is present in the innermost layer of skin and is responsible for skin pigmentation. This cream reduces the already available melanin and prevents excess production to prevent the further darkening of the skin.

Can biluma cream treat my hyperpigmentation?

Yes, this cream is specially curated to treat skin hyperpigmentation. It reduces the amount of melanin in the skin and gives a lightening effect.

Is this cream effective against skin inflammation?

Liquorice present in the cream is an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces the dark spots due to inflammation. But, to treat inflammation, this cream will not prove to be effective.

Is the cream trustworthy?

Yes, this cream has been recommended by doctors and the customers have seen biluma cream benefits over dark spots and skin pigmentation. It works effectively on most skin types and does not give any chronic side effects. It takes time to work and hence it is advised to use it for at least a month to see the visible results.

When can I apply this cream?

You can apply this cream every time you wash your face with soap or water. Applying it at night time gives the best results. Do not overuse the cream and only apply it a maximum of 3 times a day. Apply only a pea size amount at one time.

Does it work as sunscreen?

No, biluma cream is not sunscreen. This cream is used to remove the hyperpigmentation that is caused by sun exposure but does not work as a sunscreen at all.

What is the SPF of this cream?

This cream doesn’t work as sunscreen and has no SPF in it. It can surely treat the dark spots caused by sun exposure. You can use this cream 20 minutes before sunscreen.

What are the ingredients of the cream?

The main ingredient of the cream is kojic acid which is known for its skin lightening properties other than that, this cream also includes other skin lightening agents like Arbutin, Mulberry extracts, Liquorice, Artocarpus extract, Artocarpus extract, Tetrohydrocurcumin, Tocopherol. All these components work to lighten the skin complexion in different ways and hence provide a sure result.

Can I use it for my sensitive skin?

This cream can be harsh on sensitive skin or any other skin if the ingredients used in the cream have already given any type of allergic reaction. For people having sensitive skin, it is especially advised to ask the doctor before starting the use of the cream. Start with using a little amount of the cream to prevent the skin from any severe side effects.

Does this cream treat acne?

No, this cream is only used for skin lightening and treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It is not used for treating pimples. The ingredients used in the cream may show some effectiveness on pimples but relying on this cream for treating acne is not advised.


Biluma cream is being prescribed by doctors and dermatologists to treat hyperpigmentation. The cream consists of many components that are used to work on skin lightening. The reviews from customers are mostly positive and hence can be trusted to treat hyperpigmentation. The cream can show some side effects on sensitive skin and hence asking a doctor about the safety usage is a must for people with sensitive skin. The price of this cream is a little hyped up compared to the other options available in the market but looking at the ingredient list and the reviews from customers makes sense to try it for at least a month. Keep in mind that any product can not work on hyperpigmentation overnight and you have to give it at least three weeks to show its efficiency.

Overall, biluma cream is making a positive impact for treating hyperpigmentation and hence can be given a chance.

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