Kojivit cream is a derma cream that is used to treat skin issues. It is primarily used for cosmetic purposes and is used to make the appearance better. Other than that, it is also used to treat skin problems that are caused by infections. Manufactured by Micro Labs,  this cream is also used to treat hyperpigmentation. Kojivit cream is curated for every type of skin and has a wide range of customers. This cream suits every skin type including oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, and combination skin. The reason behind its popularity is the ingredients it has. The main ingredient is whitening agents. This cream belongs to the allopathic medical system and follows its principles. The cream is claimed to be steroid-free which is another positive point of it.

But the question is, Is Kojivit Cream safe to use? And if yes, How exactly does it make the skin complexion better? To know the answer to these questions read the complete guide on Kojivit Cream here-


Kojivit cream composition includes many components that are used in the cosmetic industry to make the skin condition better. The main components are used by many companies to curate skin-friendly creams that have benefits for every skin type. Its ingredients are well known to treat many acute skin issues that are especially related to the appearance of the skin.

Kojivit cream comes in three forms. Although the main ingredients and working techniques of all are the same, it affects the skin in different ways. Here are the ingredients used in these creams-

  1. Kojivit Gel(Plain)- Octinoxate, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Vitamin E Acetate
  2. Kojivit Gel Ultra- Octinoxate, Niacinamide(Nicotinamide/Vit B3), Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid, Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Licorice Extract+Tetrahydrocurcumin(Thc)
  3. Kojivit Plus Gel- Octinoxate, Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Grape Seed Oil, Arbutin, Vitamin E Acetate, Mulberry Extract, Allantoin

Kojivit cream uses Kovijic Acid and Actinoxate as the main ingredient in every type. These two components are responsible for the working of cream on hyperpigmentation. They clear up the skin complexion and work internally. All the other components used make the working of the creams different. The effectiveness of the creams is different and works for different levels of skin pigmentation.


Kojivit Cream follows the allopathy medical system. It follows the technique of using the products on a disease that produces different symptoms from the disease. This medical system works on the symptoms more than the actual cause and hence provides faster relief from any disease. Coined in 1842, it has become the most popular medical treatment and is completely based on scientific research. It follows the technique completely opposite of homeopathy. Homeopathy believes to treat the disease by using the product that produced the same symptoms as the disease, while allopathy believes to use the products that produce opposite symptoms of the disease. Both the medical systems work fine for the users but there are different pros and cons of every product. Homeopathy is a medical system known for having no side effects, but it works slowly in the disease. On the other hand, allopathy works really fast and relaxes the symptoms from the first few doses but can show side effects on different bodies.

It completely depends on the user which technique they want to use. But if the symptoms are too severe and difficult to handle, one should go for allopathy for faster relief and if the symptoms are chronic and the person has a history of allergic reaction from allopathy medicines, then the homeopathy system is the one to go for. You can choose whatever suits you and your body.


Kojivit cream is for external use only. The cream consists of ingredients that are not at all of oral use. 

To use this cream, take a pea-size amount on your fingertips and rub it between your fingers to make it warm. After that, spread it all over your face and massage it in circular motions. You need to massage the face with light hands without giving much pressure. Now when the cream is completely absorbed, you can stop massaging the cream.

The cream needs to be applied every time you wash your face with soap or plain water. You can apply the cream after tap-drying your face with a soft cloth. Remember, not to rub your face too harshly to dry it out. 

The cream works best at night. While sleeping, the whole body repairs itself including skin, and giving it extra something to work with improves the results. It gets a whole night to work on your skin without getting any external dirt.

It is also recommended not to use any other cosmetic product with the cream.


The course duration of the cream solely depends upon the severity of the issue. In average conditions, experts advise continuing the cream for at least 6 weeks. The ingredients of the cream are soaked by the skin and as it is an external medication, it requires some time to show visible results. Although it starts working on the first use itself, the results are not seen for the initial week. After the second or sometimes after the third week, the results become visible. So, you need to hold on to get the outcomes of the cream.


Hyperpigmentation can be triggered due to many reasons. When the skin becomes dark in some areas, it is called hyperpigmentation. To understand that, First, you need to understand what skin pigmentation is. Why the skin has color and how this color is formed. Also, why is it different for everyone?

The skin is made up of cells that combine to make tissues and have three layers. In the inner layer of the skin, melanocytes are found. These melanocytes are responsible for the melanin and carotene blends and both of these are responsible for giving color to skin and hair. 

The melanin that produces the pigment actually works as a shield for the skin and protects it from damage. When this melanin starts producing in excess quantity at one place, that place becomes hyperpigmented which means excessively pigmented.

The main causes of hyperpigmentation are-

  • Sun Exposure- Sun Exposure is the main cause of hyperpigmentation. As told above, melanin works as a shield of the skin. Sun rays contain UVA and UVA rays that can be very harmful to the skin. When the skin is exposed to the Sun, the skin starts producing melanin to protect itself, but melanin also comes with pigmentation on the skin areas that are exposed.
  • Skin Inflammation- Skin Inflammation is a negative reaction of skin when something is injected into the skin or has touched the skin. It is usually a response from the immune system to protect the skin from something that is not suitable for it. It can be in the form of rashes, blisters, or pimples. Skin hyperpigmentation can also be a post-inflammation symptom.
  • Hormonal changes- If the hormones are being changed due to any cause, they can come with many ups and downs in the body. The skin sometimes also reacts to these changes and becomes pigmented in some areas. 
  • Reaction to Certain Drugs- Skin pigmentation can also be due to an allergic reaction to any drug. These drugs can include drugs used to treat malaria or depression. The allergic reaction to these drugs can cause certain disorders and skin pigmentation can be a result of that.
  • Addison’s Disease- Addison’s disease is a condition when adrenal glands are not able to produce enough hormones. These hormones are cortisol and aldosterone. The symptoms of this disease can be life-threatening as well and skin pigmentation is also one of the symptoms of Addison’s disease.
  • Hemochroma- It is a condition when the body starts absorbing excess iron from food. This excess iron can lead to poisoning the internal organs. Skin pigmentation is also a symptom of homochroma.



While if the skin pigmentation is due to a body disorder, or the symptom of any other disease, it can not be treated completely by Kojivit cream, but if the hyperpigmentation is a reason for the production of skin melanin or some allergic reaction, it can be treated by Kojivit cream.

The ingredients of Kojivit cream result in penetrating the skin very easily.

After penetrating the skin, it oxidizes the melanocytes. This oxidation leads to a reduction of melanin that ultimately causes the skin pigmentation to reduce. 

Kojivit cream benefits as a sun protectant also. The Octinoxate present in the gel protects the skin from UVB rays and hence there is a lesser need for melanin production by the skin which stops further pigmentation.

The Kojic acid present in the cream also reduces the activity of tyrosinase hormones that is also responsible for melanin production.

All these together work on the skin simultaneously, reducing the melanin production and lightening the hyperpigmentation.


Kojivit cream price varies from INR 150 to INR 500 for all three variants in which the Kojivit cream basic variant retails for INR 150. It is available easily in the online and offline markets.


This cream can show certain side effects. The side effects may include skin rashes, skin reaction of any type, itching, redness, or burning sensation in the skin. In case of any of these or other side effects, stop using the cream and consult the doctor as soon as possible about the side effects.

To save yourself from any of the side effects, read the ingredient list carefully, and in case you have experienced any allergic reaction from any of the ingredients from the list, ask your doctor for an alternative. In case you don’t know the ingredients of the previous cream or gel that have given the allergic reaction, tell your doctor about your experience with that cream and ask for the safer option.


The customers have mixed reviews on the cream. On amazon, Kojivit cream has got 3 out of 5 stars, while Kovijic ultra gel has got 4.5 out of 5 stars. The rating of the Kovijic plus cream is 4 out of 5 stars. Clearly, the rating depends upon the working time that each variant of the cream must have taken for the customers. Kovijic ultra gel works fastest of all three, while Kojivit cream (plain) takes time to start working. The customers look happy for the variant that takes the least time. The ultra version can give an allergic reaction to the sensitive skin type, and also can be harsh on some skins. So, the variants should only be used as prescribed by the doctor. 

Here are the Kojivit Cream reviews to help you know it better-

“This cream has changed the routine of my skincare. I do not need any other moisturizer or sunscreen anymore. This cream started showing results within a week and is continuously improving the skin condition. My hyperpigmentation was severe and used to look bad. This cream has lightened the dark spots and my skin looks even. The cream is non-sticky so it gives a smooth experience. I am very happy with the results.”

“I started using the Kojivit Ultra Gel when one of my friends recommended it to me for skin lightening. I thought finally I got a cream that can actually take care of my dark skin spots but to my disappointment, this cream didn’t work at all. In a few applications, it started giving me rashes and my skin became irritated. I stopped using it immediately.”

“Kojivit Plus cream was suggested to me by a doctor friend when I asked for a sunscreen suggestion. She said it will give me sun protection and at the same time will take care of my dark spots as well. I started using it as a sunscreen not caring much about skin lightening, but after using it for 3 weeks I can see my skin becoming better. The condition has improved and the pigmentation is vanishing slowly.”

“Worst cream I have ever used. I used it for hyperpigmentation but it started giving me burning sensations and rashes. I will not recommend this cream at all.”


While giving a shot to a cosmetic product, having a few questions is normal. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you out with your curiosity-

Does this cream work for hyperpigmentation?

Yes, this cream is specially curated to treat hyperpigmentation. It is a great alternative to many creams available in the market at higher rates.

Can I apply it twice a day?

Yes, you can apply the cream twice a day.

What is the best time to apply the cream?

The best time to use the cream for hyperpigmentation is at night before sleeping. But if you want to use it as sunscreen as well, it can be applied in the daytime.

When should I start expecting the results?

The Kojivit Cream (plain) starts working slower than the other variants. The time taken to see the results is very subjective to the condition of the skin.

Can I use this cream with my other cosmetic products?

Other cosmetic products should not be used just after the Kojivit Cream. There should be at least half an hour gap to avoid any allergic reactions.

Can I apply makeup after the cream?

Leave the cream at least half an hour before applying the makeup. It increases the effectiveness of the cream and avoids the chances of allergic reactions.

How should I use this cream?

This cream can be used as any other cream. Make sure to apply on a clean and dry face. Massage in circular motions till the cream gets absorbed by the skin. Do not apply any other product for at least half an hour of applying the cream.

How many times can we use the cream?

This cream can be used 3 times a day. The correct usage should be asked by an expert.

Is Kojivit cream safe for sensitive skin?

This cream can show allergic reactions on some skins. Consulting a doctor is advised before using the cream.

Does it cure hyperpigmentation due to skin disorder?

No, it only cures hyperpigmentation if the amount of melanin is increased in the skin. For any other reason, this cream can be of no use.


Kojivit cream can be said to be a successful remedy for hyperpigmentation caused by excess melanin production. Kojivit cream uses components that are highly sensitive to some sinks and should be used with precautions. This cream has also got mixed reviews regarding the working but that can be due to the time taken to show the results. If you are patient with the time taken by the cream, then you can go ahead with it. Also, make sure to consult a doctor before using it if you have sensitive skin or a past experience of allergy from any cosmetic cream or remedy.

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